Strategic Focus Group Testing

Different from coffee gatherings and meetings in gymnasiums, strategic focus group testing is a carefully-orchestrated method for gathering extemporaneous data that can transform the understanding of complex situations, test new concepts and refine existing ones. Developed by Madison Avenue market researchers, it is now used as a “test kitchen” to help clients demystify and understand views and develop solutions to problems.

One of the limitations of survey research is that questions are based on the information that the research sponsors want to test. As a result, surveys make assumptions about the topics of importance, so they end up being crafted in such a way that only gives respondents an opportunity to express opinions about the issues included in them. This creates an element of bias. Guided by a moderator with an agenda of broad topics, strategic focus groups allow for free flowing discussion in which respondents can talk about relevant issues and matters that are of greatest importance to them.

The focus group testing can yield some very insightful information that can be used to optimize future survey research, such as:

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