Participating in a Focus Group

Thank you for agreeing to participate in one of our upcoming focus group sessions! Rest assured this is not a sales presentation of any kind! It is a legitimate public opinion research program managed by public opinion researchers.

Led by a professional moderator, focus groups are structured discussions to explore ideas & concepts and to hear from groups of people on their opinions, views and preferences about a variety of different topical issues, services and programs. No special knowledge or expertise is needed.

You were chosen to be part of this group through random selection and, as you may recall, interviewed by one of our recruiters to ensure that you were qualified and available for the session.

Unlike what you may see on television, news shows or in politics, these focus groups are thoughtful, deliberative conversations in which differing perspectives are valued and decorum is respected to ensure all participants have the opportunity to share their views.

As a policy and practice, Florida Opinion Research maintains strict confidentiality and will not acknowledge anyone’s participation in a focus group session or attribute anything to them.

If you are participating in an online focus group:

If you are participating in an in-person focus group at a local facility:

EMAIL:  If you never received your confirmation email or have other questions, please feel free to contact us at:

PHONE:  Each session has its own unique phone number, so if you need to leave a message to speak with someone, please call the number included on your confirmation email, in order to reach the project manager for that particular session.

Understandably, if something arises and you are unable to participate, please contact us as soon as possible, so we can re-schedule you if another opportunity exists or do not need to continue to contact you.  

Thank you for agreeing to participate. We look forward to having you in the upcoming focus group session!

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