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With experience in school levies and bond issues, and public funding initiatives, Florida Opinion Research knows how to help your campaign team develop the strategy and messages you need to achieve success. Florida Opinion Research has worked with a wide variety of clients such as transportation districts, school systems, zoos, and social service agencies.

Florida Opinion Research also provided non-campaign research to public agencies that are funded through voter-approved levies and taxes, in order to measure public perceptions of performance, salience of problems or needs being addressed and Whether there is a public mandate to act.

We will make sure your organization understands:

No single number or poll result will help you win a race and no client can afford to ask every possible question, therefore Florida Opinion Research works closely with you to develop the right questions for your research.


Florida Opinion Research has worked on

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About Paul Fallon

<span class="serif">About</span> Paul Fallon

Paul Fallon is a public opinion researcher, political pollster and strategic advisor for corporations, levy committees, interest groups, political campaigns and public agencies and organizations. He also conducts customer, member, contributor and citizen satisfaction studies for government agencies, corporations, industry, trade associations and labor groups. READ MORE

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